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    Greg Red Elk rencontré au Pow wow d'Ornans en 2008 est aussi un artiste peintre
    My English name is Greg Red Elk and my Dakota name is He-Haka-Duta meaning Red Elk. I am a Vietnam Era Veteran, self-taught artist and started painting in October of 1997. I paint native peoples and symbolism and at first my paintings were works from photography. Today I paint images from my heart and past using symbolism. I hope to tell the story of my past, present, and future while bringing forth images that connect me to the spirit world. I feel like these spirits, my Ghost Faces, come to me because they want to be seen and painted
    mon nom anglais est Greg Red Elk et mon nom Dakota est He-Haka Valkeakoski-Duta signifiant Wapitis rouge. Je suis un vétéran de la guerre du Vietnam, artiste autodidacte  j'ai commencé la peinture en octobre 1997. Je peind les peuples Autochtones et des symboles et tout d'abord mes peintures étaient des œuvres d'après photographie. Aujourd'hui je peinds des images avec mon coeur et passé à l'aide de symboles. J'espère raconter l'histoire de mon passé, présent et futur tout en apportant des images qui me connectent au monde de l'esprit de suite. Je me sens comme ces esprits, mes visages fantomes,  me viennent parce qu'ils veulent être vu et peints.
    quelques unes de ses œuvres et d'autres sur --> Ebuy Native Art 
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    Jeudi 18 Août 2011 à 23:38
    when i seen and talk with you i felt a good feeling to Ornans france.i must go without said bye to you very sorry. i'm very glad to meet you i woud like talk with you again of ours tradition and spirits if you want.i'm like you autodidact for many things because gipsy people d'ont go to school long time.when i seen you i felt in yours face eyes hands you have something différent and interesting and deep.are you in france now? or in at home in Montana?I hope all is ok for you .next year i'll go to Canada for meet native.i'm very happy if you make me a sign. maybe soon friendly and good souvenirs soledad......
    Jeudi 18 Août 2011 à 22:49
    bonjour greg,excuse me for my bad english i am like you autodidact and gipsy people d'ont go much to school.are you in europe now? i'm very glad to meet you to Ornans but i'must go without said bye to you,i'm sorry.i'dlike speak again with you on ours traditions and spirits because we have some things same.next year i'm going to Quebec for to meet native,maybe you are at yours home in Montana,I hope you will give a sign because you are not anybodyelse' I fell many things when i seen you in yours face,eyes,hands...I hope every things are good for you .friendly soledad.
      • tepee17 Profil de tepee17
        Vendredi 19 Août 2011 à 11:52
        Bonjour ,j'espère que Greg viendra sur mon blog sinon il ne lira pas vos commentaires
    Jeudi 18 Août 2011 à 20:45
    between us a good feeling because we are people nomade who wants stay truth and spirits.we have some similitude in ours traditionnal life.when i meet some native to Vancouver they believed i was native too,only one look in eyes we know are same. i am enjoyed to meet you to Ornans in france but i had must go whithout to said bye and maybe later; sorry. excuse me for my bad english i had d ont go to school like you i am autodidact. soledad the gipsy girl i hope a signal of you good luck for yours future friendly......
      • tepee17 Profil de tepee17
        Vendredi 19 Août 2011 à 11:56
        ici ce n'est pas le blog de Greg ,je crains qu'il ne voit pas vos commentaires
    Dimanche 14 Août 2011 à 01:17
    hello greg remember me ? soledad gipsy girl from france i seen and talk with you to powow ornans . how are you? i hope some news of you soon!
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